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Naturegroup Stormers

Naturegroup Stormers

The Naturegroup Stormers were unfortunate not to take the 2011 year by storm. They missed out on raising the inaugural Super IVs trophy by a whisker. The 2012 team are keen to make up for their frustrating loss and are happy with their new recruit Aidan Beazley, one of Gibraltar's most promising youngsters.

The club gets its name from some of the other famous rugby clubs with the same name but primarily represent the storms that can brew up down at Europa Point, where the club hope to one day play their weekly matches. The Stormers would be very much at home there on a cold, wet and windy Levanta day. The team colours (primarily royal blue) is a legacy of the Royal Navy team that used to play in Gibraltarís earlier league. This legacy lives on as The Stormers do have one or two players who are still serving naval personnel.

Their first captain was none other than Chris Lugnani. Chris had the distinguished honour of being Gibraltarís first national team captain. His great people skills, led him to a 20-8 defeat to Belgium B, which could have so easily been a victory. His 2012 squad have a number of experienced Gibraltarians and in particular have a big family interest within the side. There are none other than five members of the Cruz family playing for The Stormers. This is something that many other teams would have trembled at the thought of. However, Chris is confident that the Cruz family and the rest of the squad is strong enough to win the 2012 season.

Ones To Watch

Teddy Sacarello strong tackler with great handling skills. Sam Worvell, versatile hooker with strong running. Lee O'Sullivan, blistering pace and good hands. Joey Garcia, arguably Gibraltarís best centre, if he plays. Nick Cruz, wily silver fox.

Name TriesName TriesName Tries
Dan Hawkins 1Jamie Andrew 0Alex Andrew 0
John Bassadone 0Aidan Beasley 0Kieron Becera 0
Ben Bicker 0Gavin Biddlecombe 0Kyle Brazer 0
Chris Campbell 0Ruben Cano Manzano 0Freddie Cruz 0
Alex Cruz 0Charlie Cruz 0Nick Culatto 0
Constantine Daniels 0Greg Dixon 0Steve Eccleston 0
James Ecleston 0Sam Ellis 0Stefan Figueras 0
Ronnie Gache 0Joey Garcia 0Dylan Gomez 0
Doug Gustavino 0Rowan Humphries 0Sebastian Isola 0
Stewart King 0Alex Lavarello 0Chris Lugnani 0
Peter Lugnani 0Johan Macias 0Shay McDonnell 0
Chris Montegriffo 0Tim Perera 0Blythe Reeve 0
Andrew Rodriguez 0Teddy Sacarello 0David Smith 0
Paul Stych 0Nick Wild 0Shaun Zammitt 0

2012 Team Photo